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Progeny provides business consultation services. By understanding the key details (e.g., “nuts & bolts”) from the bottom up, Progeny will greatly aid our clients in the evaluation and validation services that we provide. We will analyze RFQ/RFP (Request for Quotation/Request for Proposal) documents, drawings, addendums, amendments, etc. to determine the scope of work and then review all client produced documentation for compliance, accuracy and competitive bidding. We will work closely with project managers, construction managers, engineers, architects, owners, contractors and subcontractors as applicable on their understanding of the scope-of-work, potential change orders and cost adjustments prior to proposal submittal.


Analysis & Validation

The Estimate

Progeny analyzes all quantities, material costs, field labor man-hours and wage rates, construction indirect costs, home office services costs, miscellaneous costs, escalation and contingency, in accordance with established methods and templates, for our client’s competitive bids. In addition, we can evaluate our client’s bidding work processes, develop procedures and other documentation, and provide training and mentoring services. Our services are focused on overall client satisfaction from the initial meeting, through the development of our analysis & validation results to standing behind our products after they have been delivered. Analysis and Validation includes the following key accounts by estimate category:

Direct Field Cost (DFC) Accounts: Earthwork, Concrete, Structural Steel, Buildings, Engineered Equipment, Piping, Electrical, Instrumentation, Coatings, etc.

Indirect Field Cost (IFC) Accounts: Field Staff, Construction Equipment, Temporary Facilities, Small Tools & Consumables, etc.

Home Office Cost (HOC) Accounts: Hours, Rates, etc.

Miscellaneous Cost Accounts: Freight, Taxes, Insurance, Bonds, etc.





Organizational Structure

We can develop Procedures for any aspect of the estimate development process – direct cost accounts, indirect construction cost accounts, home office services accounts, any of the miscellaneous cost accounts, escalation, contingency, etc. Can also assist with code of accounts, software evaluations, personnel evaluations, etc.



The Fundamentals

We can provide Training for estimators in direct cost accounts, indirect construction cost accounts, home office services accounts, any of the miscellaneous cost accounts, escalation and contingency.



Knowledge Sharing

We can provide Mentoring services for younger estimators in need of developing not only their technical skills, but also their professional skills, such as researching data, public speaking, leading meetings, etc.

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