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Progeny Services, LLC (“Progeny”) is a provider of knowledgeable and experienced bid evaluation and analysis services focused on helping our clients submit competitive bids, utilizing four decades of hands-on estimating in the oil and gas process industry. We adhere to the utmost professional and ethical standards, maintaining complete client confidentiality.

Progeny is a provider of third party (i.e., “cold eyes”) review of proj ect cost estimates along with the client’s RFQ/RFP (Request for Quotation/Request for Proposal) documents and drawings. We provide analysis of quantities, material costs, field labor man-hours and wage rates, construction indirect costs, home office services costs, miscellaneous costs, escalation and contingency, all in accordance with established benchmarks.

In addition, we can evaluate client’s bidding work process, develop procedures, and provide training and mentoring services.

Our goal is to build a sustainable, legacy company that focuses on helping contractor companies in the oil & gas industry submit competitive bids.

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